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Household Refrigerator Hinge Installation Method

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Household refrigerator hinge installation method

1. Selection of the number of hinges

The number of cabinet links should be determined according to the actual installation experiment. The number of hinges used for the door panel depends on the width and height of the door panel, the weight of the door panel, and the material of the door panel. For example, a door with a height of 1500mm and a weight of 9-12kg should use 3 hinges.

2. Hinges adapted to the shape of the cabinet

Cabinets with two built-in rotatable pull baskets need to fix the door panel and door frame at the same time. The most important thing is that the opening angle of the built-in pull basket must be very large, so the curvature of the hinge must be large enough to ensure that it can be opened. Freely open the door to the right angle for easy access to anything.

3. Selection of hinge installation

Open the door according to the position of the door and the side of the side panel, and there are three kinds of installations*: full-cover door, half-cover door and built-in door. The full-cover door basically covers the side panel; the half-cover door covers half of the side panel, which is especially suitable for cabinets with partitions in the middle and more than three doors need to be installed; the built-in door is installed in the side panels .

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