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Refrigerator Pulley Adjustment

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How to adjust the wheels under the refrigerator

1. Fix the first two wheels, because generally speaking, there are two adjustment feet for refrigerators.

2. The ground on which it is placed should be flat and firm. There are arrows on the adjustment feet. The function of the adjustment feet of the refrigerator is to balance the refrigerator through adjustment.

3. The level of the refrigerator can be adjusted by rotating the adjustment feet under the box, so that the refrigerator can reduce noise.

4. Turn clockwise and counterclockwise to raise and lower the height, and the operation is normal, if there is a little unevenness (hold the refrigerator with your hands, the noise will be reduced).

5. Give the box an external force. Refrigerator wheels with wheels should have snaps on them, which will lock the wheels when you press them down.

6. No need to fix, the refrigerator will not move after the front two feet are put down, there is a plastic round cap on the four legs, just rotate the round cap up or down.

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