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Types of household refrigerator hinges

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Types of household refrigerator hinges

1. Bathroom cabinet hinge

The number of times the bathroom cabinet is switched on and off is as many as tens of thousands of times, and it is very important that the door hinges have advantages and disadvantages. Practice has proved that in terms of the use nature of the bathroom cabinet, in terms of the accuracy of the arrangement of the bathroom cabinet, and the weight of the bathroom cabinet door itself, the selection of hinges is important.

2. Furniture hinges

According to the different installation combinations, it is divided into in-line type and self-unloading type; according to the opening angle of the door, it is divided into 90 degrees, 100 degrees, 110 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, etc.; according to the different needs of cabinet assembly, it is divided into full cover (straight plate ) half cover (small bend) and no cover (large bend or inline).

3. Buffer hydraulic hinge

The utility model comprises a support, a door box, a buffer, a connecting block, a connecting rod and a torsion spring. One end of the buffer is hinged on the support; the middle of the connecting block is hinged on the support, one side is hinged with the door box, and the other side is hinged with the support. The piston rod of the buffer is hinged; the connecting block, connecting rod, support, and door box form a four-bar linkage mechanism; the buffer includes a piston rod, a casing, and a piston, and there are through holes and holes on the piston, and the piston rod drives the When the piston moves, the liquid can flow from one side to the other side through the through hole, which acts as a buffer.

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