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  • How to install refrigerator hinges

    How to install refrigerator hinges

    As we all know, refrigerators have doors, and doors play an important role. Only with good sealing effect can the refrigeration effect of the refrigerator be guaranteed. The refrigerator opens and closes by hinges. There are many kinds of household refrigerators, such as...
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  • The principle and characteristics of slow-drop damping door hinge

    The freezer door is a relatively important structural component in the freezer. The upper and lower brackets are connected by rivet movable pins and push rods, which can be opened by pushing. The movable pins of ordinary refrigerator doors and the sliding blocks connected to the movable pins fixe...
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  • How to choose and maintain the hinge

    How to choose a hinge: 1. View The hinges are visually difficult to distinguish between high-quality hinges and low-quality hinges. The only difference is to observe its thickness. Inferior hinges are generally welded from thin iron sheets and have little elasticity. Long-term use will lose its e...
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  • Show you what is a refrigerator hinge

    A hinge, also known as a hinge, is a mechanical device used to connect two solids and allow relative rotation between them. The hinge may be constructed of movable components, or of collapsible material. The hinges are mainly installed on windows and doors, and a large number of hinges are instal...
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