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How to Repair Refrigerator Hinges

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Step 1: If the door does not close tightly, raise the front of the refrigerator, or unscrew the front lift feet two turns to tilt the refrigerator slightly back. Try adjusting until the door closes tightly, but don't push the refrigerator box too far beyond the front and rear levels.

Step 2: If raising the front does not work, tighten the hinge screws. You may have to open the door when turning the screw (especially when servicing the cryochamber). On some refrigerators, you may need to remove the hinge cover or trim to gain access to the screws, use a screwdriver to pry off the hinge cover or trim. Door sinking and loosening problems can be solved by shims on the hinges. To do this, unscrew the hinge first, place a cardboard spacer of the same shape as the hinge between the hinge and the door, and then tighten the hinge again. The sinking problem can be caused by misplaced shims, which you can fix by removing the shims. Try adjusting the shims and you might be able to get rid of the sag.

Step 3: If the door is warped, tighten the screws that secure the door's inner and outer shells. After this adjustment, you may need to modify or adjust the door gasket.

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