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Refrigerator Hinges Have Springs

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The refrigerator door hinge can make the refrigerator door close more tightly, and the refrigerator hinge can be divided into upper hinge, lower hinge and middle hinge. The refrigerator hinge is a relatively common connector for the door body of the refrigerator to be rotated and opened at this stage. In order to achieve good closing characteristics between the refrigerator door and the refrigerator cabinet after opening or closing, a door closing device is added to the hinge.

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According to the approximately mountain-shaped rear wing on the side of the front door, the door closing device and the approximately mountain-shaped structure on the hinge side through interference fit, and the internal structure of the device selects the spring sheet to achieve the actual effect of closing the door. In this way, when the refrigerator door is closed, it can be ensured that the refrigerator door will not pop out, and when it is opened again, because the key of the card slot has a damping effect, no additional force is required.


How to Repair a Spring Hinge

Dismantling the side-by-side refrigerator is divided into 8

Steps: 1. Remove the front cover of the feet First open the doors of the freezer and refrigerator compartments, then turn the three screws on the front cover of the feet counterclockwise to remove the front cover.

Step 2. Remove the water supply pipe of the refrigerator and unscrew the screw of the clip

Step 3. 1. Press on the fitting and pull out the water tube to remove it.

Step 4. Remove the upper hinge cover

Step 5. Remove the upper hinge cover and disconnect the left and right wires

Step 6. Remove the hinge screw and ground screw by turning them, then remove the upper hinge in the direction of the arrow. Note that the freezer door will not slide left or right during disassembly

Step 7. Carefully lift the door and remove it left and right from the lower hinge

Step 8. Lift the lower hinge from the lower hinge bracket in the direction of the arrow and remove the lower hinge left and right

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